Spring King – Tell Me If You Like To

Dew Process | 2016

Manchester four-piece garage rockers Spring King have been riding high after emerging in 2014, and are finally releasing their debut album Tell Me If You Like To. After memorable sets at SXSW and Reading, the album comes with much hype, which unfortunately the record fails to meet.

Hit single ‘City’ rightfully kicks off the album, storming in blistering tempo and supremely tight guitar riffs. Tarek Musa’s spitfire vocals suitably punctuate the driving riffs, before professing one of the album’s first questions of identity, “Who am I? What does it matter?” That theme is again explored on ‘Who Are You’, which offers even more interesting vocals to read into, when Musa croons, “just for one day, I’d be something better”. This “something better” is what Musa and co strive for, but they ultimately fall short of the mark on the record.

Whether in an attempt from producers or the band themselves, the album comes across as too clean, too often. While tracks like ‘City’ promise the crunch and grit Spring King are known for, ‘Take Me Away’ and ‘The Summer’ seem like a departure from what makes the four-piece fresh and exciting. While a lot of the record could be lost amongst the pop-punk genre, album closer ‘Heaven’ is easily a highlight and sticks out for its fresh difference from the other nine tracks. Building guitar riffs “Heaven is where you know yourself”, appears to be a place Spring King are still looking for. Overall it’s not a bad debut album by any means, but it offers up questions of identity, not answers.

Tell Me If You Like To is OUT NOW.

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