The Belligerents at The Gasometer (Melbourne)

A standout of Brisbane’s glimmering music scene,  The Belligerents made their way south to Melbourne’s beloved Gaso for a big show that was rounded out by a truly excellent bill. Touring in the wake of latest release, single ‘Before I Am’ the group were joined by local legends Mesa Cosa and Alex Lahey.

Mesa Cosa are an all consuming force on the stage. Their insane punk rock stylings create a wall of noise and encourage antics on stage (the lead singer crawling around, that type of business). It’s messy, unhinged and definitely an interesting choice for a an opening act – but, it was kind of brilliant.

Fleshing out her solo work with a live band, Alex Lahey is a commanding but accessible performer. There is so much hype surrounding this gal at the minute and catching her live just confirms that it’s 100% deserved. Each track features refreshingly honest songwriting and are all as catchy as the last. Her set is delivered with so much humility, it’s impossible not to warm to Lahey.

Fronted by the wonderfully odd Lewis Stephenson, The Belligerents have a unique, psych infused style of groove rock. Having caught them playing Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club a few months back, their live show seemed at home on stage at Collingwood’s finest, The Gaso. A narrower room of comparable capacity, the crowd was condensed and the vibes high as everybody danced along.

With the band’s debut album slated for a late 2016 release, there were a few more tracks which made their live debut. It was a winning combination, tossed in alongside tracks like ‘In My Way,’ ‘Voices’ and a personal favourite, the slow burning ‘Shake It.’

From the strength of the live show and the wealth of their recorded material to match, The Belligerents really are an unmissable act.


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