Tiny Little Houses – Snow Globe

It is not often that a band with earnestness and beauty of songwriting can touch the dark, cynical depths of my heart. Yet here I am getting gooey over Tiny Little Houses’ newest offering Snow Globe. There is something about the vulnerability and emotional availability of Tiny Little Houses’ lyricism which reaches out to me in a way which few have since at 14 I spun by first CD on my pink bubble shaped player. 

Yet the appeal of Snow Globe extends far beyond than just nostalgia, with a engaging mix of more impactful and quieter songs showing a large variation across this release. When chatting with Caleb pre-release, he said that this EP has been described as both and happier and sadder than You Tore My Heart Out. ‘Medicate Me’ illustrates this perfectly, “I love you/with your flaws/we’re screwed up/without cause” apart from being a great rhyming couplet shows the mixture of happiness and difficulties in relationships. This song as well as ‘Snow Globe’ contrasts beautifully the somewhat negative subject matter with the upbeat orchestration.

This mixture of optimism and pessimism with a little anger thrown in, is what makes this EP so relatable. ‘Song Despite Apathy’ quietly rages against apathy of our generation as this EP quietly combats the acted apathism towards affairs of the heart we experience in the post-tinder emotional landscape. Lines like “I hate that for once you don’t seem like you’ve cried” in ‘I Hate That You’re Happy’ are so refreshingly honest and lays the embarrassingly ugly emotions bare and appears to almost champion the expression of these in the pursuit of earnestness.

By the brilliant cover of ‘Not Pretty Enough’ and beautifully simple ‘Lonely People’, this famously unemotional cynic is almost in bittersweet tears at Parliament station, which despite being very embarrassing is also oddly refreshing. If that level of emotional response is not the sign of a successful EP then I don’t know what is.

Congratulations, Tiny Little Houses, you cracked me.

Snow Globe EP OUT now through IVY LEAGUE.

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