Tkay Maidza at the Corner Hotel (Melbourne)

Hot off the tracks of a killer performance at Splendour Tkay has been going from strength to strength and Saturday’s sell out show at the Corner Hotel with Porsches, Willow Beats and L.K. McKay was no exception.

Sydney duo Porsches took the stage in matching adidas tracksuits to kick off what was quickly becoming a wild night. ‘Karate’ was a stand out track by the band as they took over the stage, their fast-pace positive energy took over the crowd, forcing them out of the dark corners of the room as they lose any inhabitations to Porsches fun dance vibe. This was evident as they invited keen members of the crowd to take the stage and dance with the duo. As the set came to an end, the atmosphere of the room was at an all time high, with calls of an encore echoing from the crowd.

Next up was the Queensland pair Willow Beats, their performance put the audience in a trance, calming them down from the high of Porsches. The audience swayed side to side like a surfer caught in a rip, waiting for their opportunity to dance as the beat dropped. A highlight of the set was the flute solo included in one of their tracks, although the vibe had changed to a much slower vibe, Willow Beats had amped the crowd up and made them eagerly wait for what was to come, queen Tkay Maidza.

Like clockwork, as soon as it turned 11:30 Tkay Maidza appears between two blown up cat eyes on stage, the audience roar with excitement as soon as L.K. Mckay starts the crowd can’t stop/won’t stop moving.

At the young age of 19 Maidza takes the stage like a pro, obviously enjoying every moment up there. Expecting nothing less that a solid performance by Tkay, she didn’t miss a beat. Rapping solidly throughout her whole set, it was evident the crowd were impressed by the intricate wordsmith.

Maidza dominated the stage, blazing through her hits ‘U-Huh’, ‘Switch Lanes’, ‘Brontosaurus’ and her latest single ‘M.O.B.’ which was definitely a highlight of the set but Maidza also brought the crowd some new stuff that she will be able to add to her repertoire of hits.

Having seen her at Groovin’ the Moo this year I knew what to expect from Tkay but her performance on Saturday night was another level. She made the Corner her home, looking just as excited as the crowd to be there.

Sadly as her set came to an end with no encores, we knew we had two choices to make; go home and stay up for hours to excited to sleep or kick on. It was evident many members of the audience were ready to kick on. Thankfully Tkay is changing the Australian rap game and if you get the opportunity to see her live, do it, the energy of her show alone will add years to your life. She is nothing short of a rap god and I can guarantee we can expect big things to come.

PHOTOS: Tkay Maidza in Melbourne.

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