Top Tracks – Paradise (2014)

Paradise Music Festival makes it’s return to Lake Mountain again this year, and to celebrate we’ve compiled a list of tracks from some of the killer acts gracing the lineup.



Kirin J Callinan – Embracism

Kirin treats his music like a work of art, using this track to explore our hyper-sexualised and masculine male society and how children perceive it. The depth of all of Kirin’s work is amazing.



I’lls – Outright

You may find I’lls in a couple of places: Soundcloud, Facebook, or in a dictionary under the definition of ‘perfection’. It’s unclear what the one main thing is that really defines this song, but the subtle guitarwork mixed in with incredible vocal reverb and crisp drums really sets it apart from anything else that’s been released in the last couple of years.



Lanks – Brave Man

Brilliantly funky chilled-out beats, spine-shivering harmonies and Lanks’ dreamy as heck voice. What more could you want from this local legend?



Lucianblomkamp – Jol

I remember the first time I heard this track. Post Nature (which has quickly become my favourite record of the year) was having it’s debut spin in the car. The minimal beats had me mesmerised, the rap verse had me intrigued. This song just manages to evoke a certain mood – and I love it.



Young Franco – Close 2 U (ft. Joy)

So just about the best 90s house revival track going round to make you bounce up and down in your weird jelly shoes and other 90s paraphernalia. But seriously, Young Franco is killing it – will go from Music Sounds Better With You to Bootilicious without warning.



Oscar Key Sung – Holograms

Forget Iggy’s word choice of ‘new and ‘classic’, this Melbourne singer/songwriter/producer is defining a new path for that classic r’n’b vibe with a new twist. The track is fresh, driven by subtle beats and a voice that quite literally leaves you hanging by a thread, desperate for more. It’s delicate, but rich, and I think it’d go very nicely with a decadent slice of chocolate mud cake – after all, its the closest thing I can relate it to.



Lanks – Green Light

A killer track of the Thousand Piece Puzzle EP. This hauntingly mesmerising duet takes you to another place. The soothing voice of Will Cuming always hits the spot especially when it’s paired with electric swirls and a slow driving beat. Another effortlessly executed soundtrack by this rising Melbourne based musician.



FEMI – I Like You Around

Honestly, one of the best artists to stumble upon on soundcloud, FEMI uses sketchy dreamy guitar with a hint of teasing highs and lows in the melodys,Recording most of his phenomenal tracks on his iPhone, makes this artist even more remarkable. Definitely one to watch at Paradise as his sound spans similarities of King Krule and Mac DeMarco, best listened to- with a cup of tea outside in the garden.



Rat & Co – Vocal Insanity

I saw these guys support Chet Faker a while back, and was I glad I did! Really good beats, really good vibes.


Paradise Music Festival kicks off on the 28th of November.
Word up on it here.

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