TRACKchanges: Sahara Beck

Music at it’s core is human connection; it’s intrinsically tied to emotions and experiences. Every song has a story, every lyric a section of an artist’s psyche. That’s exactly why we want to examine the impact of music on musicians themselves. Each week we’ll get an insight into a particular song that proved formative for an artist. 

First submission to this special series is Brisbane’s Sahara Beck. An artist who wrote their first song at the age of 12, she is no stranger to the beauty of songwriting. In her career she’s released an album, 2 EP’s and a swag of incredible singles – most recently the punchy pop dream ‘Here We Go Again.’ 

Discovering Asaf Avidan allowed a calming moment for Sahara. In her words, she shares her story. 

The Reckoning Song By Asaf Avidan.

I was 15 and I had just moved to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast. Until now I had been in the same school my whole life. Sure I had travelled a lot and moved houses a bit, but I was so anxious I actually had a panic attack on my way to my first day at my new school – I was so scared. What if I couldn’t make new friends? What if I looked stupid? When I arrived at the new school (which was in a PCYC building by the way) some of the other kids knew each other, but most didn’t and were getting to know each other.
I remember the grade above us walked in and it sort of felt like that scene from Monsters Inc. when all of the professionals scarers walk in and we stand there gawking at them in admiration because they were older. One girl walked in impersonating a dinosaur for what seemed to be no apparent reason, it was hilarious. I remembered her name was Taylah from someone recognising her, and went to class. I ended up seeking her out. She made me laugh so much before I had even met her. I am still very close friends with her till this day. She made me remember to feel comfortable in myself and to not take things too seriously as a teenager. She always sang this song through high school called ‘The Reckoning Song’ and it was like my centre of calmness. I would listen to it and remind myself that life would one day only be all the stories we tell so how they would be told would depend on what I did with my time. 
I have always loved music but I think there are people who don’t perform music who really love it more than I do, more than a lot of musicians do. Those are the people who aren’t analysing the music or a voice but really just hearing the song for what it is. Taylah showed me this feeling for the first time through this song.
Now when I listen to this song I feel nostalgic of being 15-17 and knowing that anything can happen. Beautiful people can come into your life at any moment. Opportunity is in every moment. There’s beautiful music everywhere waiting to be heard.

Catch Sahara Beck on tour this month.

Friday 2 November | Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar, Sydney NSW
Saturday 3 November  | Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne VIC
Thursday 8 November  |  Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD

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