The Trotskies – DYR

The cinematic, ghostly qualities of The Trotskies have come alive in bursts of mesmerizing colour and alluring charm in their latest video for single, ‘DYR’. This filmic-like soundscape is paired perfectly with imagery that is quite reminiscent of classic film noir movies like Chinatown. It stays true to previous videos from this five-piece band, by continuing along the tangent of psychedelic colour and eccentric, yet fascinating imagery.

The video begins with two people staring down at each other in the middle of the restaurant, where the footage quickly shifts between shot to shot. The dense, droning guitar alongside the driving force of the percussion helps stimulate the tension between the two main characters of the video. This is paired with Jack Rudich’s voice, which sits eerily on top of the instrumentals, giving a real sense of the ecstasy emulated in this hyper real, gangster world.

The use of shadows, animated dragons and smoke cleverly combines elements of western film and anime. All these factors build to a cumulative point until we see the man lying on the ground helpless. Altogether, the video is quite stylistic, which, together with ‘DYR’s compelling soundscape successfully creates a spine-chilling piece that allows you to step into the terrain of the mafia lifestyle.

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