The Trotskies – DYR

Feeding off a love of classic post-punk and modern experimental jams, the swirling influences that bleed into The Trotskies’ music form a middle ground of overwrought and dramatic dream pop. Establishing their roots with their debut EP of last year – which produced the Jesus and Mary Chain-inspired ‘Running’ – the idle Melbourne bandits follow up with new single ‘DYR’. It’s somewhat gratifying getting to know a band who are still getting know their sound.

A crushing wall of sound falls beneath a buoyant disposition of levitating bass and synth lines. Halfway in, the droning black noise of the dense guitars continues, seemingly never to find a moment to lull. The gloomy sensibilities established in the first half of ‘DYR’ tend to merge further into a pop aesthetic the more the song progresses. The euphoric climax signals a breath of fresh air, as the drenching tones of paranoid noise guitars become lighter and instead allow the drums to build the needed tension. This doesn’t stop the expected feedback ridden ending, though.

Confidence and stormy dissonance on ‘DYR’ sees the band taking more daring risks in their music. While still being dragged by opposing sides of pop and noisy post-punk, the compromise between the two which has been found is quite astonishing.



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