Urban Spread at The Village Green (Melbourne)

One of the biggest problems with living in the suburbs is the lack of live music out here. We might get lucky and get the occasional band do a show a few times a year, but really we are left with no option than to go into the city. All the nights spent on a Nightrider buses full of less of less than pleasant clubbers, or waiting at Flinders Street in the early hours for a train that will take you to a station you are still not sure how you will get home from make for some serious reasons to stay home for a night, rather than go and see a gig.

When I heard that the DZ Deathrays were playing the Village Green Hotel as part of Urban Spread, I was pretty excited for the cheap taxi ride home rather than a two hour adventure through the public transport system. Having to get myself all the way to Northcote from the South Eastern suburbs last time they came around, I was pretty excited that I could enjoy the night without being unsure that I would make it home.

Opening act Lunatics on Pogosticks seemed like they surprised a lot of people. They spoke with the crowd and performed with an energy that isn’t expected from the first band of the night, but it seemed as if everyone was loving what they had, bringing a majority of the people in the outdoor area of the venue inside to watch and take notice.

The Bennies are quickly becoming ubiquitous with the punk music scene within Melbourne. I wasn’t the only one to feel that they are following me around every time I go to a gig. I hope they keep following me though, as there as is nobody who can do what The Bennies can. The fun they have on stage radiates into the crowd, very few supports can get a venue as excited and violent as they can.

DZ Deathrays are tireless with their touring. Beginning in May last year they toured the country on the back of their second album Black Rat, before going throughout Europe two or three times, returning home for another sold out Australian tour. After almost a year of solid touring, you would almost forgive them for just getting through these two shows before returning to Brisbane and taking a well-earned break.

They didn’t seem to mind at all though, and neither did anyone else. From the moment they opened with ‘Black Rat’ the crowd was obviously a bit wilder than anything the confused security staff had seen, tentatively shouting at each stage diver – unable to stop the mayhem. Having seen the band twice on their last tour, they seemed tighter, more energetic and louder than ever before. They played the songs the crowd wanted to hear, not shying away from their older material such as ‘The Mess Up’ (Well-known because of its video clip, which you should go and watch if you haven’t already).

Following the closing of their set with ‘Gina Works at Hearts,’ the inevitable cries for the cover of Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ they performed at Falls Festival came, but it seems as if that song is never to be played again.

If you get the chance to see the DZ Deathrays, which at this rate of touring will probably be soon, make every effort to get there.

PHOTOS: Urban Spread in East Melbourne.

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