Violent Soho – Like Soda

Brisbane grunge rock group Violent Soho have produced another single to add to our slowly-growing collection of favourites. ‘Like Soda’ is the latest from their upcoming album, and though it has a rough and uneasy acoustic start, it powers into a strong verse and chorus combination.

Almost all vocals in this song are clear, with very little use of rough growls, snarls or screeches – something that is normally quite prominent in Violent Soho’s music. The opening, mildly whiny vocals are a tad unsettling, but it serves to provide contrast with the rest of the song.

The repetition of the chorus ‘I don’t mind, I don’t care, I just say whatever, we don’t mind, we don’t care, we’ll be here forever’ is a bit banal, but it adds to an effortless, literal, ‘don’t care’ attitude. It’s the instruments that win us over with some strong riffs, one of those songs where the lyrics just follow, perfectly fitting for a crowd chant.

‘Like Soda’ is reminiscent of old garage rock – that grunge sound isn’t really baked in anymore, and it’s time we probably stopped referring to Violent Soho as solely a grunge rock outfit. The song is not musically complex, nor original, but Violent Soho is one of those bands we stick with liking anyway. ‘Like Soda’ seems like a step back into something easy, something simple, and whether or not that was the band’s intention – they have made it seem coolly effortless.

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