Weekly Jams no. 15

Jenny Broke The Window – Airport Love
I’ve always been a big fan of Jenny Broke The Window, but this one pulls them up out of a mass of similar bands kicking around at the moment. ‘Airport Love’ built up in a way I didn’t expect, and it’s pretty impressive to say the least.

Wise Child – Figurehead
Melbourne’s Wise Child create a completely immersive environment when they take to the stage, and now with new single ‘Figurehead’ they manage to capture that on record. This one will remind you of Perth’s Fait, and that is in no way a negative.

The Ship Shape – Lorikeet
In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one as much as I do. There’s just something about it pushing to steal all your attention and burrow right into your head.

Oscar Galt & The Eventual Somethings – All Hail The Worm
The dark, raw sound of Oscar Galt‘s music aligns fittingly with this slightly odd, desaturated clip. Definitely dig.

Mickey Cooper – Randy’s Apartment
This one just missed out over the past few weeks, but I can’t quite get past it. It’s a fairly raw outpouring from Cooper, whose songwriting is rather beautiful.

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