Weekly Jams no. 16

Gypsy & The Cat – I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else
Man, these guys don’t do a lot wrong do they? If this is the direction Gypsy & The Cat‘s upcoming album (due July) is going, then it was worth the four year wait.

Huntly – We Made It
There’s a real warmth about this one that I love. Huntly are one of those Melbourne acts that buzz under the radar, but with this one that’s going to change.

Sleepy Dreamers – Timmy Wispagold
I’ve posted about these guys a fair bit in the past, and for good reason. The growth in Sleepy Dreamers‘ songwriting- not only over time but throughout this song itself- is second-to-none. They’re launching this one in Melbourne on April 22nd, too.

Slowly Slowly – PMTWGR
Everything great about Slowly Slowly comes together in this five minute track. They’re launching this one on Saturday at The Workers Club, Melbourne.

Broen – No, My God
This one is weird and jumpy Scandinavian Pop and will certainly grow on you.

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