Weekly Jams no.25

Hello and welcome to the final edition of Weekly Jams. Considering it’s been 2 months since the last playlist, and before that I averaged one every 3 weeks, from the get-go it probably wasn’t the best idea to title this column Weekly Jams. I digress, this is the last new music article you’ll see from us before we begin to wrap up in time for our 2017 hibernation. It was fun while it lasted, now, on to the tunes.

Listen out for the new cut from JMTR – in possibly the coolest and kitschiest method of production, it was composed on a fkn Gameboy. Other electronic wonders in this edition of WJ’s include Kult Kyss‘ debut, the latest offering from Planète and the beyond beautiful ‘Turbine Blue’ from Seekae.

Max Quinn hits home with a track dissecting hyper-masculinity, Billy Davis drop a soulful, grooving lil’ number and Blonde Tongues embrace the reverb once more on their newest release. I do implore you to check out the rest of the playlist though. I may be biased, but it’s pretty bloody fantastic.

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