Weekly Jams no. 8

Alice Ivy – Touch
Alice Ivy is a Melbourne talent we’ve had our eye on for a little while now, and with this single she’s really taken it to a new level. It won’t take long for the rest of the country to start to take notice now.

Montaigne – In The Dark
This gal just exudes power and strength, but still conveys a subtlety through her songwriting and performance. Catching her live is a true experience, so good thing Montaigne has announced a national tour alongside this single.

Gunns – Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog
As a band from Perth’s Spinning Top Music (boasting acts like Tame Impala), it might seem a little tough to get any attention, but Gunns are doing everything to earn ours. This newest single is their last before dropping their debut EP, She’s A Rainbow, on February 12th, and jumping on tour with Albert Hammond Jr.

Hoodlem – Kintsugi
There are a lot of people trying to pull off the electronic/hip-hop vibe at the moment, and few are doing it well. Hoodlem, however, are setting the bar and this new single proves it.

Ashley Shadow – Tonight
Another piece of gold found thanks to US label felte. This one is slightly removed from the driving, bass-heavy tracks we’re usually treated to, but Ashley Shadow takes the ‘singer-songwriter’ tag and creates instrumentally interesting music to lay under her vocal, breaking away from the sometimes dull nature of the genre.

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