2016 Wrap – Top Tracks

As per usual, we’re celebrating December with the first of our four-part 2016 wrap. This one is a special edition however, as it’s our last. Read on for Gemma, Rochelle and Angela’s favourite tracks of the year – because who doesn’t love an end of year list?


Alexander Biggs – Tidal Wave

I’ve said plenty about this song in recent months and it just doesn’t lose its charm. Certainly one of the best songs released this year and super proud that it’s from a local lad.

Paul Dempsey – Idiot Oracle

The moment I heard this I knew Dempsey had really started to make the distinction between himself as a songwriter for Something For Kate and his solo project. His solo releases up until this point, while brilliant, could have simply fallen to be a Something For Kate song. ‘Idiot Oracle’, however, is well and truly his own.


Tkay Maidza ft. Killer Mike – Carry On

If there’s a song from this year that’s going to get firmly stuck in your head, this is the one. Tkay is ridiculous. This Adelaide gal is all kinds of awesome and her holding her own on this one with Killer Mike featured really cemented her in peoples’ minds as someone worth keeping an eye on.

Holy Holy – Elevator

Holy Holy were slipping this one into tour and festival shows over the last summer and it was definitely a set stand out. Now with its official release we’re able to enjoy this single in all its well-written beauty. Certainly makes one excited for their second album’s release.

Bec Sandridge – You’re A Fucking Joke

If Bec Sandridge isn’t one of the most unique and interesting Australian artists right now, I don’t know who is. ‘You’re A Fucking Joke’ really hit it on the head for me with Bec this year and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

Honourable Mentions:

Glass Animals – Agnes
Owen Rabbit – Oh My God
MTNS – Insight
UV Boi ft. MTNS – Show Me


zayn – Pillowtalk

Zayn’s comeback single was spectacular – a symbolic middle finger to his clean boyband days. Staggered samples, a luscious drop and that voice, well, it’s all a little much. *mops brow* *clutches pearls*


Mallrat – Tokyo Drift

Mallrat is great. ‘Tokyo Drift’ is the first track on her debut EP Uninvited. A bittersweet cut of synths is layered with a crisp beats, stutters of chunky bass and her mellow rhymes. This track makes me a sentimental sweetie about the things that did matter – “We don’t talk much but I hope that you’re well / Let’s drive to the beach and play songs from 2012.”

Oh Pep! – Doctor Doctor

This track highlights why this pop folk duo have had such a killer 18 months. Hooking you in from the first line, this features a gravitational undercurrent, a killer chorus you can yell along to and a stand out arrangement. It’s all wrapped in a story of self-denial and loathing so many of us can relate to.

Middle Kids – Edge of Town

The months of harassing Tim Fitz over Twitter for new music was worth it. Teaming up with Hannah Joy and Harry Day, this trio show what indie pop is all about. Dreamy yet durable, fresh yet a little bit dark around the edges – this feels like it was soaked in twilight.

Angel olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

The sound is a raw and rich, carrying a fantastic groove. Direct, demanding and a little bit desperate, this is the equivalent of being stared in the eyes, shaken by the shoulders and dragged onto the dancefloor.

Honourable Mentions

Tegan and Sara – Stop Desire
Highasakite – Deep Sea Diver
The Jezabels – Smile



Soft Corporate – Boats

From the first listen I knew this was a special song. Soft Corporate create a bed of sound that’s sweepingly cinematic and laced with palpable lyrics. If music’s key goal is to transport you to another world, ‘Boats’ delivers in spades.

Alta – Plans

Having followed Alta for quite some time, it’s clear that they’re an incredibly innovative group. They certainly don’t shy away from experimenting with instrumentation – case in point, the marimba-infused drums throughout the track. However their approach to their sound, as a whole, is never stagnant. That should bloody well be applauded.

Basement – Aquasun

What is (arguably) the most special feeling in the world? Hearing a song which you’re immediately drawn to, before going on to discover the discography of your new favourite band. That’s exactly what happened with Basement – ‘Aquasun’ was that track.

Seekae – Turbine Blue

Seekae’s return this year absolutely floored me. Who’d have thought that breezy electronica set to a leisurely hop-step would gave such an emotional impact? Not me, that’s for sure. Then again, was it silly to ever underestimate a group of such seasoned musicians like Seekae?

Teeth and Tongue – Dianne

Just shy of 3 minutes, ‘Dianne’ is a synth throwback delight. It’s slightly off kilter, but drives forward with such a pace you know it’s not there to mess around. Short but sweet, and a welcome return from Jess Cornelius.

Honorable mentions:

Alice Ivy – Almost Here
Modern Baseball – 
Wedding Singer
Braille Face – Backwards/Medicated
Cymbals Eat Guitars – Wish

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