Babaganouj at The Grace Darling (Melbourne)

On a gloomy Friday night, with Melbourne’s weather at its worst, the warmth of the Grace Darling provided shelter to many.

Upstairs, Brisbane darlings Babaganouj and Melbourne favourites Scotdrakula were set to take the stage. Appropriately titled the ‘Scotnoujula’ tour, the two bands joined forces to play a hat trick of shows around the Melbourne and surrounding areas. This was the second show of the three, and there was no doubt this would be a cracker.

The Grace Darling seemed an interesting venue – something more like a hotel room than a band room. Lush red carpet lined the floors, whilst high ceilings were met with beautiful lights. Fireplaces and luxurious couches occupied the rooms, and the stage was packed into a small corner.

Touring their latest single ‘Can’t Stop’, Babaganouj played a dynamic, enthralling set. Opening with the sweet and slow ‘Bluff’, and closing with party rocker ‘Too Late For Love’, the four-piece had the crowd’s attention from the first beat.

If there’s one thing to be said, it’s that Babaganouj know how to play loud. We’re not just talking like everything was turned up loud – the sheer force and dynamic energy of each band member combined to form this power-packed ensemble certain to leave ears ringing. They play as if every song is a power ballad by an 80’s metal band. Brashing yet beautiful, Babaganouj sent the crowd swaying their hips and left them asking for more.

Scotdrakula soon followed, just as dynamic and with just as much energy. Playing material from their latest album and previous release Crackstrength, the band’s reputation for sending a crowd into a frenzy exceeded expectations. Small mosh pits were present in intervals, whilst the room heated up only to be met with the air conditioner soon after.

It’s also worth mentioning that Scotdrakula’s frontman now sports one of the most incredible mullets you’ll see in your life. We’re talking a fully shaved head (almost), with a strip of hair on the back that enters mullet territory towards its ends.

Only to be met with heavy showers and  soaked streets once outside the venue, theres no doubt in saying the show quite a contrast to the weather outside. The forces of Babaganouj and Scotdrakula combined served as a perfect lineup; brash indie pop meeting garage rock, hanging out and guzzling a few beers. Maybe one day we’ll see a Scotnoujula track – which a lot of people would probably be happy with.

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