BIGSOUND 2016 — Good Boy

After too many beers on the Tuesday night before BIGSOUND and a couple of ping pong tournaments, Tom and Rian from Good Boy took some time out to have a chat with us about their new EP and the songwriting process. 

Your most recent single ‘Poverty Line’ has such a different sound to earlier tracks, is that the direction you want to take?

I don’t know, it just seems to be what we were feeling at the time when we wrote it. That’s what it’s always kind of like with our music. At the time of our first EP, that sound was what we were jamming on, and our next EP is like a capsule of time for what we were feeling like then. With the new stuff we’re writing it’s more in the punk realm.

It’s just what we’re writing now, but it could change again. It most likely will change again. We might be like a country acoustic band next year, you never know. It would be great. We might go country punk. I guess we’re trying to evolve. The new stuff is a lot faster though. It’s really fun to play, more fun I suppose than Transparency, even though that’s still so much fun to play too.

Do you think that the new sound has a better live vibe?

Yeah, I think it’s more fun to play. But I feel a song is more fun to play when the audience is more engaging and into it. A show is never fun if everyone just sort of stands there. You can act like you’re having fun, but it’s really just faux fun. Actually, when we were in Manly there were like ten people there and we had heaps of fun. Now we’re just contradicting ourselves. Maybe we’re still drunk, let’s go with that and blame the beer.

You played at Barbara last night, how was the show?

Great, it was super fun. We always talk to each other after the show and we’ll be like ‘yeah that was ok, it was pretty good’ but lately we’ve been coming off a show going ‘hey that was really, really fun’. Last night was really great. Barbara was completely packed out and we had people yelling lyrics in our face. These New South Wales were great, Tempura Nights were awesome, Fascinator was amazing, Hideous Sun Demon put on a sick show. And lots of beer. It was a great night.

You’ve got your second EP due for release this month, can you run me through the production of it?

We did it with Cam Smith. It was pretty stripped back and it seemed to be easier this time around. Cam just seemed to get what we wanted to do. He’s like a gentle giant, but he absolutely knows good sound. It was such a pleasure hanging out at his house, and he has an amazing dog. So we recorded that in three days with him, and then I have always loved what Mikey Young does, in all facets of recording – he’s incredible. So I was like we have to get our stuff done by him, which we did. Which was a little bit of a dream, but he got it back to us so quickly and we’re really happy with how it sounds. We can’t wait to put it out. Usually when you finish a song there’s something you wish you’d changed, but this time we were so happy with the result.

Who does most of the songwriting, or is it more of a collaborative effort?

Tom usually has a guitar riff, then I’ll come up with a bass line (Rian) then it will just kind of extend from there. Stu will figure out drums and vocals generally come last. It’s always different though. Most of the time we’ll be hanging out and Tom will be playing a riff that we’ll love, so we’ll have a jam and then usually I’ll chuck together some words and that’ll be it. If you’ve listened to much of our stuff I don’t put a lot of thought into the lyrics at all. I don’t like to sit there for a long time and be like ‘oh time to write some poetry’.

I mean, I love people who write amazing lyrics, but I think we all just want to play shows. We’d rather just get the song out there and have people enjoy it. In saying that though, some of our lyrics do have some sort of meaning.

Yeah I would say transparency does.

Yeah that’s probably my most thoughtful song. Even ‘No Love For Back Home’. It just has lots of lyrics. But I don’t want to put too much thought into them, I find that gets boring. Maybe one day.

You’ve got a tour coming up in october, what are your plans after that?

We have Festival Of The Sun, End Of The Line Festival and we’re playing an outdoor barbecue festival in Chinchilla, it’s going to be sweet. So apparently for that we’re going to be on a tour bus with Kingswood and Clea. Other than that, playing some more shows, a couple little festivals and we’ll probably start writing an album. If we can get around to it, but not a lot planned. We’re in other bands that are pretty busy as well.

Listen to ‘Poverty Line’ by Good Boy.

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