Top Tracks – Bigsound (2015)

Yep, here they are. The songs we’re most excited about by the 150+ acts playing Bigsound.


City Calm Down – Rabbit Run

If you asked me to name my top 10 tracks of 2015, this would be in the top three. I Oh You import City Calm Down have been sitting on this album for six years and are finally ready to release it to the world. The sly nods to early New Order in the bassline as well as the vocals most certainly aren’t stale or overused, and the song as a whole ties together in choruses, verses and lyricism like very few songs do. These guys are about to make it big, and if the full record is laden with tracks like this one it’ll be VERY high up on many Australian Album of the Year awards, I’m sure of it.

Babaganouj – Bluff

Babaganouj epitomize everything about the everchanging Brisbane music scene, while adding in their own little elements at the same time. Mixing a ‘Brisbane indie pop song’ with their own blend of shoegazey/psych rocky sound, they manage to weave and mix their way through 3 minutes of wonderful vocals, swirling guitars and excellent lyrics. While no album is in sight, their EP’s and recent tracks are proving to be a powerful force coming out of Australia’s most prominent music state.

Green Buzzard – Zoo Fly

Green Buzzard will be the kings of 2015. Recently signed to I Oh You without actually playing a gig or releasing a song before, this happens all too often with Johann and company. This track is one of my favourite tracks of the year by far, it’s a mix between 90’s shoegazey guitar riffs and 90’s Brit-Pop vocals. Everything mixes together and produces a punchy, killer track and only proves that I Oh You is easily one of the premier labels in Australia. Class.



Super Best Friends – The Bleachers

Whether it is by fault or by design, Canberran group Super Best Friends are highly political. No, I will not shut up about Canberra and its national treasures. What is that you say? Yes, some of Super Best Friends are from Melbourne. Hush now. ‘The Bleachers’ is a chugging, bass-bleached punch aimed at the Australian bloke we love to hate, equal parts hilarious and worrying. Released a couple of years back, the cultural relevance of this cracking track still remains. Rough around the edges, it translates fantastically to being drawled/screamed by Johnny onstage.



Pearls – Big Shot

Echoing the charm of Marc Bolan, Melbourne band Pearls show that this is the best that modern glam pop can get.

Babaganouj – Can’t Stop

Filled to the brim with sweet harmonies and pretty much everything else that can be described as ‘sweet’, Noujy nouj remind us that life is filled with a great thing called love – and you can write a sweet cheesy song about it if you want and that is totally okay.



Set Mo – White Dress

One word: BANGER. But really, this track kicked off a bloody huge year for the house newcomers. With nods from MTV (the duo are featuring on Brand New) and a lot of airplay – it’s an exciting time for the group who are sitting at the forefront of Australia’s next wave of electronic artists.



Avalanche City – Sunset

Oldie but a goodie, and definitely worth listening to on a Friday as you’re finishing work or first thing in the morning to brighten your day.



cln – Hold Me

A contemplative track from this Brisbane producer who mixes ambient synths and laidback beats in a sound similar to that of Cashmere Cat and Shlohmo.

R.W Grace – Shell

R.W Grace weaves dark electronica with her hauntingly personal voice in this rich track.



Tijuana Cartel – White Dove

The unique instrumentation and pulsating feel of ‘White Dove’ gives it an amazing timeless quality. Despite being four years old now, it doesn’t sound like it has aged a day.



Holy Holy – You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog

These guys are true professionals, and their expertise just oozes out of this single. One of the songs of 2015, no doubt.

Fait – Slow Glow

Atmospheric in every sense of the word. Organic instrumental music is a rarity nowadays, but these guys do it so well you can’t ignore it.

Gold Class – Life As A Gun

Everything about this track is just a yes. Definitely one of the best acts kicking around Melbourne at the moment and this single definitely shines a spotlight on that.

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