A Chat With Food Court

Ahead of their ‘She’s Away’ single launch next week, we grilled Food Court’s Cristian about what the band’s been up to and what we can expect at their launch!

‘She’s Away’ is your third single from your debut Smile At Your Shoes, have you found the reaction to the EP to be positive?

Yeah it’s been great actually. Quite a surprise really as we thought our debut release would maybe slip under the ol’ radar. Locally we’ve been lucky to get some strong reviews from blogs and street press, even an Indie Album Of The Week from Brag Magazine. Then somehow the wild internetz has done it’s thing and we’ve been getting some sweet reviews from Chicago, Austin, Seattle and NY based music websites and blogs. It’s interesting to see how hard it would have been for bands ‘before the internet’ to get their music out there to other countries.

Your tracks are often described as summery. Personally they err on the darker side of this description. Where do you feel they sit? How do you describe your music?

It’s the rad thing about a band situation as initially I wouldn’t envisage our songs turning out the way they do. When you get four dudes with a variety of musical influences together in our lil hockey club jam space, a lil flowery melody I’ve come up with on my acoustic can turn into a scuzzy ’90s/heavier garage song. That’s what I love about the band dynamic, you never really know how an idea will flesh out. Dan the lead guitarist has a more old school Aussie rock/punk vibe, Lewey the bass player has a great knack for amazing complementing melodies and Nic the drummer completes the mix with super tight beats and cool/interesting time signatures, and everyone’s writing some songs now so it’s a full team effort which rules.

You’ve received a lot of blog/radio love for the EP- how was it heading into the Unearthed studio for a chat?

Yep that was awesome actually. Was a bit nervous as we haven’t done that sort of thing for awhile, and I’m not drinking at the moment due to liver issues which would normally take the edge off. Luckily Rosie is super nice and down to earth so after a few minutes it was just like chatting to an old mate. And listening to Dan correctly pronounce ‘bruschetta’ on air was a definite highlight haha.

You’re launching the single in a week and a bit (awesome!), are you excited? What can we expect from the night?

Yeah totally excited. FBi Social is an awesomely intimate venue with great sound. Also rad to be playing with The Trotskies, who are a super cool shoegazey post-punk band from Melbs and talented local indie guys Will & The Indians. Maximummmm energy and totally rad vibes bros.

How will you prepare for the launch?

Usually four hours of Bikram, followed by a Chai frappacino and a dill and salmon bagel.
Naaaaaa, usually we all have a couple of frosty tops but my liver is a little pickled so I’m on the Ginger Beers for a few months. Party on Wayne.

How have you seen Food Court grow over time?

It’s been rad seeing our music develop and tighten over the last few years. I think we’re in a sweet place right now actually as we know what our sound is and what works so it’s just about piecing it all together during sweaty rehearsals.

What have you got in store for the rest of 2014?

We’re recording another EP or maybe even an album in a few months’ time. All depends on how many songs we can take down. The new songs are sounding rad so far though, some fresh ideas and some cool alternate song structures. Then TONNES of shows and tours around Oz. We’re quite excited!

Check out Food Court launch ‘She’s Away’ on Thursday March 20th- check out all the details here!

Have a listen to ‘She’s Away’ while you’re at it:

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