A Chat With Velociraptor

Possibly the chattiest chat with in Casual Band Blogging history, Ben had a bit of a yarn with Jeremy Neale – front man and all around good dude of Velociraptor. Or, should we say… Je-RHYMY Feel.

Now, technology went array the first few questions disappeared. However, Ben recalled and well, it’s a little bit funnier in just dot points without context. Read on, and it’ll definitely become a chat with.


When did you first want to pick up a guitar?

  • Picked up a guitar due to all my friends.
  • My first band was a theme song band.
  • Called theme (legendary name).
  • Played themes such as Buffy, Angel, and the Pizza Hut theme.
  • Wants to bust out the Pizza Hut theme in concert.


What’s the best feeling you’ve had playing music?

  • The feeling when I’ve just written a song, and don’t have to worry about it anymore.
  • ‘Lone Tiger’ and ‘Darlin’ from his solo catalogue.
  • ‘Ramona’ from Velociraptor.


What is the silliest thing anyone has worn to one of your gigs?
Unfortunately no-one wears anything silly to our gigs, but one time we did play at that club in Melbourne called Pony which is like 2am place. We were wearing masks, but I haven’t had any of the audience dress up.


Considering the amount of people in Velociraptor, do you consider yourself the garage-pop Wu-Tang Clan?
Yeah, that’s pretty much the best way to describe the band, it was either describing it as that or describing it as a garage version of the Avengers. They were never in the same city, you know, everyone’s all fighting their own kinda things occasionally, but most of the time it still works out.


Which one would you be? Personally I’d probably be the Hulk.
The Hulk?


Hulk’s good, I mean he’d be unpredictable. It depends if you’re talking, you know like, self-aware era Hulk or if you’re talking about just animalistic era Hulk, which is trouble.


Well if he was any good at smashing up guitars it’d be pretty sick, just play your gig, go Hulk, smash anything.
That’s true, especially if you had an infinite budget, yeah, if someone was sponsoring you so you could smash a lot of guitars.


If you had an infinite budget, what would you do with the Velociraptor stage show?
An unlimited budget, I think that, man what is there to be done, I think that 1: we’d all have wireless guitars so then we could play all over the venue.


Just run into the crowd, jump off everything.
Yeah, and even though it’s a big no-no, we’d have headset mics.


Sounds a lot like a boyband. Is your goal to be in a boyband?
Jeremy Neale: Look no, but I think it would be badass. You could go anywhere and not be constrained to a mic, and I mean we’d find a way to make it pretty cool, we’d make them like those like those 1980s anime fighter jet pilots headsets, and then you know we’d also have fog machines that you can attach, personal fog machines that you can attach to your belt so if you wanted to disappear into a shroud of mystery at any point you could.


So just if you don’t want to play an encore just disappear into the crowd, into the night.
Just disappear. It’s like we weren’t even there at all. Then we press play on a soundbite that says ‘were they ever there at all’. Everyone would be questioning did the night even happen.


A plot twist in a gig. That would be a sight to see, I mean that would be pretty sick.
Yeah see, no one would forget it – but they wouldn’t be quite sure whether or not that it actually happened.


On the Wu-Tang theme, what would your rap name be?
That’s a good question, never really thought about that.


Man everyone’s gotta have one ya know. You never know when you’re gonna have to rap out your life story.
No you’re right. You know what it’d be, it’d be Je-RHYMY Feel.


I can’t tell whether that’s amazing or absolutely horrible.
I think it’s you know, they call me Jerhymy Feels.


You might be challenging 360 in a couple of years with a name like that.
eah he better watch out, you know what, I saw someone share his status today and the guy has 601,000 fans on Facebook.


I dunno, because I sort of like 360, like I liked his first album, it was alright. I love Aussie Hip-Hop. It’s my guilty pleasure. I just don’t get where he’s coming from now. *REDACTED DUE TO FEAR OF 360* He seems rich though.
Yeah, I mean I guess he can afford to not even worry about what people think.


Yeah, I mean everyone just needs to make some money.
Yeah exactly, I mean you gotta eat.


Cash Rules Everything Around Me.
See, you got the rap attitude, it’s great.


Yeah, I mean I could be a rapper in another life.
What’s your rap name?


I dunno, when I was like 12, I thought it’d be the Mad Hatter. I thought that’d be pretty good. But then I realised I couldn’t rap.
Yeah that’s good. You know what it’s like all conventional rap has been done now, it’s up to you to create what will be the future of the genre.


Create anti-rap, just read out poems, and go you just don’t get it guys. You don’t understand me.
Just a guy talking with beats behind him. As long as you’re sprouting truth bombs you know what I mean. As long as you’re sprouting truth bombs and people are nodding their heads. This guy knows what it’s about. He gets it. And they’ll be like finally we’re not alone because Ben Madden gets it.


Everyone needs to understand I’ve got some things to tell you guys.
Yeah, the Mad Hatter. He’s here. And is he really even mad, when he’s the only one that sees things how they are?


Do you ever think you’ll lay down a verse on a Velociraptor song, or as a solo project, as a joke? I saw your April Fools joke, and that was actually a good song, so maybe next year Jerhymy Feels?
hanks, you know what I don’t know. The closest thing in my life I got to being in anything that was kind of hip-hop was I guess a Beastie Boys influenced band I used to play in called Tiger Beams. That wasn’t me doing the raps though, dropping the truth bombs, that was another guy, I would just painfully yell things in a Beastie Boys manner. Come in on the last phrase.


I love Beastie Boys, Dad loves them, so growing up that’s what I would hear.
Beastie Boys are incredible. The thing is, it’s the middle aged man dream, too, because it’s a bunch of middle-aged bros just doing what they love, and they’re like the coolest dudes probably ever.


Do you consider yourself a solo artist first, or a frontman of a band, because you’re in Velociraptor, Teen Sensations but you’ve also got your solo career.
I guess I just consider myself a songwriter, and it has negative connotations to say this but I think I’d say actor without the falseness of what an actor is.


I get you.
I’m just fulfilling a lot of roles is all, and I like not being too limited, and I consider myself first and foremost myself as a songwriter I guess, and an entertainer, and I think a creator. I think that could be taken the wrong way by a lot of people but I’ll probably just continue to do things like this and as time goes on, and yeah the metal was an April Fools thing but I definitely wanna have a metal band.


That’d be sick, like just do whatever man. Just trying to be creative.
Exactly, and I don’t think there should be any confides to that, like it’s so weird when people kinda judge you based on whatever style or however you’re producing your music because at the end of the day everyone’s a wuss with a guitar writing about their feelings.


Exactly, you can put on a brave face and go oh we don’t care about anything, but songs don’t just appear out of magic, they’ve all got to come from somewhere, otherwise you should go write a book.
Exactly, exactly. Mad Hatter you feel me. You feel Jerhymy Feels.


Maybe one day we could be the next Beastie Boys, you never know.
Dude, find a third man.


I reckon I could find someone, out in the clubs, battling away.
Yeah that’s the thing, you gotta enter a tournament and battle someone and they’ll be your greatest enemy but by the end of the tournament they’ll be your best friend.


We can make another 8 Mile but base it in like Brunswick or something
Yeah, it’d be a cross between that and kinda like the aesthetic of a cartoon show like Yu-Gi-Oh or something like that.


If you could perform any song of Velociraptor’s to anyone alive or dead, what would the song be and who would it be? It can be a band, whatever.
That’s a good one. You’re asking the questions no-one else is. Hard hitter. Mad Hatter hard hitter.  I would perform it to the 1989 lineup of the Ramones, and it would be a track that hasn’t been finished on the album, and I would ask them how would you make this reflect what you’re doing right now, what would you change. I really like that era of their writing and recording. I’d ask for advice


Would you get them to hop on a track with you?
Oh my god, I’d get them to do the track. Give up the band, and be like guys let’s do another album.


Maybe if we invent reincarnation your dream can become a reality. You just have to believe.
We just have to believe, you’re right.


If we could bring back people, it’d be insane, insane collabs, everything, the world would just lose it.
Especially if you could bring them back at their peak. Then there would be a whole lot more possibility, because for some reason songwriters tend to lose it, some of them lose it indefinitely, some for periods of time but if you can get them in their prime, possibilities are endless.


Some people have just written about everything they wanna write about, but they’re expected to just keep writing. It’d be pretty shit to live up to an expectation that everyone else has set for you.
The thing is, if they’ve exhausted their life experiences to that point, you put them in a new timeframe they’d have more inspiration to write about. Some people lose the drive, what am I gonna write about, having too much money?


But then everyone gets angry at you for writing about having too much money, but that’s why you started writing, you had no money, and you wrote because you were sad about it. What do you do, you can’t please anyone?
Just go on a holiday, roll around in a money bath.


Wouldn’t you get a lot of papercuts though, I mean you’d be pretty sore.
Well American money is paper, plastic money I dunno how well it cuts.


That’s probably why no-one in Australia does it. Don’t see Gina Rinehart rolling around in money, throwing it in the air, making it rain.
That’s why you’ve gotta start a revolution, facebook message 360 and ask him if he’s tried rolling around in money.


He’s tried rolling around 360 degrees.
See, boom.


That’s the thing, nothing’s ever gonna please everyone so just do what you want to.
Exactly, be true to you, because you will find other people of the same mindset,  and people of the same mindset, especially if it’s valid, are the best people in the world. They’re the only people you wanna get approval from anyway.


People can sense fakeness, gotta stay true to yourself.
Definitely agree, definitely agree.


Anyway man, have a good day. Have a good life. Cya
Cheers man. Hey Ben, you did good.  Cya bro. Hey.


You made it!

Now go catch Velociraptor as they take their 12 piece around the country showcasing  newest single ‘Ramona’ – which is one hell of a jam.

SYDNEY: Thursday April 17. Easy Tiger. w/ Donny Benet and Adults.
MELBOURNE; Friday April 18. The Tote w/ Donny Benet, Velcro and Going Swimming.
BRISBANE; Thursday April 24. Black Bear Lodge w/ The Good Sports.

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