Contact Us


We’re happy for local acts to email us. You can request the email address via the contact form below! We ask you to please keep the following in mind:

  • New music only please! Keep it fresh, keep it current. 
  • Send a stream. We don’t accept downloads, attachments or postal submissions.
  • We rarely do premieres. However, if you’ve got a good pitch we’re happy to hear it.  
  • Please don’t send follow up emails. This blog is a side-gig.
  • We only accept submissions from Australian artists. 


We’re not actively looking for contributors at the moment, however if you’re at all keen you’re absolutely welcome to drop us a line. Head to the contact form below and send through a couple of sentences about yourself. We’ll be in touch if anything becomes available. 

For the purposes of transparency and integrity, it’s important to note that this website doesn’t generate income. Unfortunately there aren’t any opportunities for paid work; all positions are volunteer. 


We do have a direct line that management, publicity and industry can contact. We’re also happy to receive press releases provided the content is relevant. Please request this information via the contact form below.