COVID Cribs — Edition #2

The live music industry may have stopped in its tracks — but artists are making the best of isolation and creating more music than ever.

Each week, we get a peek into the spaces artists have co-opted to continue writing, recording and releasing. Welcome to COVID Cribs.

Please don’t sue us MTV :~)


In theory isolation should be the most relaxing time ever, but I think for creatives it can be quite daunting to feel that pressure of coming out of it with something unique and artistic but that’s super hard when you’re not out in the world living.

I’m very lucky to be able to surround myself with things like books and records and photos and memories to keep me inspired. I CAN’T sit at a computer for more than an hour before I start to give up so I make sure I take breaks to cook lunch or watch a movie otherwise I’ll go insane. Because of this my set up is very grab and go, my guitar is constantly plugged in so the second I have a progression I like I go and lay it down. Having a spot where I’m allowed to be messy and leave cables and pedals everywhere gives me the freedom to create and reminds me that it’s not Important how intricate and clean that guitar riff is but as long as I like it and I’ve done something that day I’m pretty content.


In order to keep creative during this time I think it’s important to seperate your spaces and utilise different areas of your house you may not have particularly used before. For example, I always used to have my piano set up in my room, but now I’ve moved it out of there (otherwise I don’t think I would ever leave my bedroom) to an area that has way more natural light (it’s also next to the most beautiful stained glass window which helps too). I’ve even gone to the extreme and set up the mattress in the lounge room (but that’s just for a bit of fun ahaha).

Sticking to some type of ‘routine’ has also been working in my favour (but making sure not to be too harsh on yourself and allow some time to relax and do absolutely nothing if thats what your body wants to do) I try and get behind the piano at least once a day – whether its for 10 minutes or 2 hours – I don’t think it really matters, just as long as I am stimulating my brain a little bit each day. But I think the most important thing is to just not be too hard on yourself. If you want to sleep all day – that’s fine. If you want to binge watch your fave tv show all day – that’s fine too. There’s no rule book for this situation so just make up your own rules… and then break all of them. 


I’m isolating at my parents house right now so I just brought the essentials of my bedroom studio with me. (Sadly this doesn’t include my cat). I’ve been using this weird time to write new songs and finish up half done demos. I’ve also been walking a lake close by which is a thrilling experience as some people still like to get a little bit too close. I’ve been playing video games and listening to a lot of newly released songs/creating iso playlists to keep the inspiration flowing!

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