COVID Cribs — Edition #1

The live music industry may have stopped in its tracks — but artists are making the best of isolation and creating more music than ever.

Each week, we get a peek into the spaces artists have co-opted to continue writing, recording and releasing. Welcome to COVID Cribs.

Please don’t sue us MTV :~)

Chelsea Warner

I’ve made pretty much everything I’ve ever created in this little home studio space in the house I grew up in. It was a study for most of my life, but in the last couple years it gradually became a studio as I accumulated little bits of savings and bought one piece of equipment at a time. This place is super sacred for me, and it’s turned into a bit of a haven especially in this current climate. The space allows me to feel productive and feel like I’m ‘going to work’ every day, and has really helped my routine, which is pretty much what is allowing me to stay sane. I also get heaps of natural light and can see sunsets from the window, which is really nice.

I’ve picked up yoga and am practicing Jazz piano (pretty much) every day, trying to also read loads which I felt like I couldn’t do before all this. I’ve found it hard to switch off doing work from home, and have been working pretty late into the night every day, so I’m definitely working on balance, but for the most part, enjoying the time to myself to create and learn heaps.

Sophisticated Dingo

We recently just got this rental property, an amazing converted warehouse which we soon converted into our home studio. In light of the recent events with the COVID-19 outbreak, most of us living here are without work but keeping busy is easy when there’s a drum kit and guitars in the living room, ya know? As scary as the world is,  it’s been nice to just shut off from it all and write music more, I’ll admit cabin fever is still a thing and I can’t wait to get back to gigs!  

Very Grateful for my little sanctuary though, I wish everyone good luck in the coming months. Don’t feel alone. And spend your solitude being creative, whether a hobby or a passion. Time is your friend in a weird, weird way.

Hope D

My room has always been something that has helped me feel creative. It’s a very safe space for me and the chaotic-ness of it helps me feel colourful and inspired with my music. I cleaned it for this video, which is also a big encouragement for me to keep creating (I feel more motivated when I can see my floor). I’ve been doing most of my laptop/admin work outside on my balcony to get some fresh air and sunlight, and then all my musical stuff in my room – it makes it feel like I’m commuting!

I’ve set up all my gear properly in my space now. Usually it’s only ever half set up because I was gigging so much before, and it felt pointless to unpack sometimes since I needed it to be in my car for the next day – if that makes sense. I’ve been doing a lot more with it all set up, which has been so different but so good! 

I’m really excited to use this time to write without any time limits or much stress on my mind. I was a bit overwhelmed before things slowed down, and I feel like I’m able to process things better and take more in, so I think this is going to be really good for all creatives. Especially because we are entertaining ourselves with art during this isolation period, so we will be absorbing a lot of creativity and hopefully be putting it back out into the world in one way or another. I am going to try and learn jazz guitar when my finger heals from a tragic fennel cutting incident, so that will definitely keep me busy and creative too! 

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