DMA’s at Rocket Bar (Adelaide)

Tracksuited Sydney collective DMA’s played their first Adelaide show at Rocket bar on Friday, the tenth of October. supporting their debut self titled EP to a sold out crowd (a second show was promptly announced) and with them, they brought Brisbanites The Creases and local act Archers to give them a bit of support.

Rocket Bar acted as host for DMA’s, the venue being a versatile favourite for local bands and DJs. The venue felt right for the group- the audience could get nice and close and everyone being drenched in coloured lights added greatly to the atmosphere. The group having a dance floor immediately in front of them did no harm in aiding the crowd to get moving, which I always appreciate.

DMA’s found success incredibly quickly, their debut EP almost making it into the top 10 of the iTunes chart before even having played a gig. A new single followed not long after, and this limited discography just meant the audience were able to hear everything DMA’s had produced so far, which enjoyable. For this tour the three-piece had to increase their numbers to six, and admittedly it did seem like a bit of a squeeze on Rocket’s small stage. But play with gusto they did regardless of any lack of space they had.

The first band to play was local act Archers. The five-piece’s sound was an intriguing psychedelic rock, reverb heavy and consciously attempting to hypnotise the audience. In hindsight the band seemed out of place playing before a couple of pop groups, but they were nonetheless excellent to watch. The song ‘Nobodies’ was the highlight of their set.

Next up were The Creases, a group hailing from Brisbane. From the outset this indie-pop rock group was aiming to entertain, producing a youthful energy that encouraged the crowd to start milling in and moving. The band was a lot of fun, and was a more than suitable to prepare the audience for DMA’s. Their second to last song and personal favourite of the set was their single ‘I Won’t Wait,’ which was great fun to see live having enjoyed the film clip a number of times.

DMA’s emerged after a short hiatus to applause from the crowd, and it was immediately obvious the dance floor was completely packed. Interestingly the garage-pop sound DMA’s doesn’t match up with their cap and tracksuits aesthetic, but it does somehow work. After a brief hello to the crowd, tracks ‘Feels Like 37’ and ‘The Plan’ from their EP were played before their first big single, ‘Delete’ marked a shift in the band’s performance. The acoustic introduction acting as a fantastic break from the frenetic atmosphere before it, and its working up to a huge sound with vocal harmonies and drums gradually being introduced was fantastic. Their final tune was another off the EP, ‘Play it Out’ which seemed incredibly appropriate as a final song for obvious reasons.

Despite not having much of a back catalogue (patience will be required for such a thing), what they have is stellar, and DMA’s put on a show the audience really appreciated. Many hoarse throats would have resulted in the morning, mine definitely being one of them. I look forward to DMA’s again after some great new material will no doubt be released from the talented trio.

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