Gypsy and The Cat at Howler (Melbourne)

Will Cuming and his stage pals Lach and Jess, brought the music of Lanks to life on a very Good Friday to welcome in the long weekend. The crowd was a bit standoffish at first and needed a bit of extra encouragement to move a little closer to the stage. They were soon entranced by the band’s mesmerising storytelling of emotional lyrics combined with dreamy atmospheric synths that included a flute among the many layered instrument sounds.

‘Golden Age’ was an uplifting highlight and a collaboration with Just A Gent titled ‘Heavy As a Heartbreak’ was also a standout with fantastic production elements that created an exciting build up to an upbeat, dance inducing peak.

Gypsy and The Cat were glad to be back in their hometown after some time away recording plenty of new music to share with us. New track ‘Paris’ was one from their travels and became an instant new favourite. Their next single ‘I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else’ was a catchy indie-pop number guaranteed to be a hit and had everyone singing along by the second chorus.

Lead singer Xavier Bacash announced that their new album will come out in July this year and will be titled Virtual Islands. By the sound of the promising new tracks we’ve heard so far including ‘Inside Your Mind,’ it’s definitely something to mark in the calendar to get excited about.

There were plenty of old favourites thrown into the set too like ‘Jona Vark’, ‘Bloom’ and ‘Time To Wander’ was the perfect ending to evoke a nostalgic singalong with hands high in the air and waving side to side in applause. With an album just a few months away, they promised they’ll see us again very soon.



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