How many bands is too many? Some tips from primetime.

Who better to school you on the ins and outs of playing in multiple bands than primetime? Sharing members with Fan Girl, Rat!Hammock, Sophisticated Dingo, Porpoise Spit and so many others (seriously, we had to make a mind map) they’re no stranger to stretching their time across a healthy heap of musical projects. They’ve handed over their best tips, which we may or may not endorse. Might as well give ’em a crack though, hey?

tip 1:

Don’t sleep. Sleep is for the healthy and well adjusted. We are neither of those things. Rehearsal at 8am? Vocal recording at 11pm? Songwriting at 4am? No wonder my mother worries about me.

tip 2:

They say don’t put all your eggs in the one basket, but that really says more about the quality of the basket than the safety of your eggs. Buy a better basket. The trick is to work on one band for 3 months at a time. That way, when the year ends, they’ll all have been equally neglected.

tip 3:

Sure, all your friends might be successful yo(ung) pro(fessional)s with stable incomes and great career trajectories, and sure maybe you’re deciding whether to buy a meal tonight or drink a beer and eat at work tomorrow, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it for the fleeting, vague sense of superiority.

tip 4:

National radio stations not playing your songs? Yep.

tip 5:

Spread yourself waayy too thin. I liken it to a game of pokies. If you continue to put $1 in eight machines instead of $8 in one machine, surely you’re 8x more likely to win the $30k and a lifetime supply of meat trays, right? Unfortunately tho, much like a real game of pokies, i’m often left with an empty wallet and a $6 pint at the Parkview. But I guess a lot of problem gamblers don’t have the pleasure of being lucky enough to play music with their best friends, so it ain’t all bad.

Get to know the family of bands:

KEY: Grey Line = Shares member // Red Line = Previous or live member.

Listen to crimetime. The debut EP from primetime. Catch ’em live at The Old Bar on Thursday April 4th.

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