In Memoriam

Casual Band Blogger (2012 — 2020) was a local music blog. Curious and passionate, we wrote about things that challenged, excited or empowered us.

We merely could have updated the ‘about’ page to say the blog was no longer active. But 8 years deserves a little fanfare, don’t you think?

Casual Band Blogger lived a long and beautiful life standing behind artists and the wider music community. The brainchild of a 16 year old with lots of passion but limited experience, the blog was a vehicle for many young people to build up their music creating / writing / photographing / management skills and interest.

There have been many iterations of Casual Band Blogger and all that comes with it — Rebrands! Emails! Server migrations! Rebuilds! (That one really sucked tbh). An enormous amount of helping hands made it all possible. We’ll be forever grateful for that — thanks for being part of the CBB story ♥

With an 8 year archive, we understand that revisions may be warranted. Please get in touch if you’d like to see something updated or taken down.