Jeremy Neale – Let Me Go Out In Style

Jeremy Neale
Let Me Go Out In style


Jeremy Neale has done it again – ripping through a handful of tracks on an EP with zero intention of holding back on pure awesomeness. Let Me Go Out In Style is the latest release from the Brisbane musical genius, and contains strong, classic-inspired musical gems.

The title track, which the EP is named for, is a strong disco-like opening titled ‘Let Me Go Out In Style’. Begging though determined, the lyrics ‘for once in my life let me go out in style’ are almost a funny contrast to the more serious verses that suggest a greater maturity and reflection. But that’s OK. In fact, that’s pretty cool. Cool as the air in an air-conditioned dark disco hall with groovers grooving to the bass riff and silky synth. The verses allow pondering, and the chorus allows for a dance.

‘Danger’ is my personal favourite and I don’t think there is anything stopping me from thinking otherwise. The lyrical perfection describes a cautious person in love, but oh so close to the receiver of their affection. Similarly, the beautiful female backing vocals bring a gentle, but inviting, harmony, to the dance floor. The verses extend that caution while the chorus draw a warmth into the song that feels like a warm blanket of love. Feel it.

Jeremy Neale’s ‘The Love Calling’ and Phil Collins-inspired song ‘The News’ also make it to this EP. Though the track listing and its order may not always be the most important aspect of an EP, the placement of ‘The Love Calling’ is a subtle press forward into the middle of Let Me Go Out In Style. It’s in a comfortable position, and its repetitive ending may be dull but leaves us wanting more.

‘Lifespans (If You Ask It)’ is a dreamy and sultry piece that starts slow, highlighted by Neale’s vocals. It isn’t until the pre-chorus that the music picks up with a breathy atmosphere and a greater vocal range delivered by Neale. It sets the mood for the second verse, which feels more layered in sound. The percussion is prominent in this song, combining with the vocals very well.

There isn’t much to say about ‘The News’ other than the versatility of the song. It’s a beautiful, timeless song that makes a solid mark on Let Me Go Out In Style. There is a constant buildup in the song demonstrated by the guitars and percussion, evoking true feelings in the listener. On the other hand, ‘Hold On Together’ is a poignant ending to the EP, not standing out as much as the other tracks but solid on its own.

Jeremy Neale never ceases to impress. Let Me Go Out In Style is a mature, well-rounded EP that teases even the most stiff and critical listeners of music. You will certainly find a favourite (or two) on his latest release.

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