The Kite String Tangle at The Corner (Melbourne)

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of electronic music. You have more and more artists cropping up every day, with plenty of other Australian acts achieving mainstream and wider success. The Kite String Tangle is the perfect example of that – emerging at a time where electronic music was really starting to make waves, and riding that success to countless plays and sold out shows. This particular sold out show at The Corner, well was just one of many.

Admittedly, I’m one of those really annoying people who insists on sharing every magical new musical discovery with everyone. I mean, everyone. Adelaide three piece and main support act of the evening, Flamingo are next on my ‘tell everyone at all costs’ list. From lead singer Kacee Heidt’s strangely riveting stage presence, to the fact that the band burned incense on stage (so, that’s why The Corner didn’t smell as funky as usual) some might say that Flamingo’s aesthetic was on point. Their electronically branded, expertly performed tunes are probably worth a mention as well though. Strong, catchy percussion with vocals dancing around a summery track. An exciting band on the cusp of even bigger things Flamingo are.

Leaving a trail of sold out shows in his wake, Danny Harley – better known as The Kite String Tagle has left a hell of an impression on the Australian music scene. Retuning to Melbourne for the biggest series of shows yet, fans (as well as those dropping in to check out what all the fuss was about) were treated to an hour long set. It was an interesting mix of things, featuring some vibe-heavy interludes and instrumentals, some of his latest tracks from newest EP Vessel and a guest appearance. ‘Given The Chance’ went down a treat, but it was another EP track ‘What If’ which was a jam and a half. One can’t also forget ‘the track that started it all off’ played by a beaming, and clearly overjoyed Danny Harley.

It’s nice to see local, Australian music being received so warmly. Even more so when the genre lies somewhere between pop and electronica. Every act that played that night has a long and bright future ahead of them, thats for sure.

You can view our gallery of The Kite String Tangle here:

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