Live your best life at a Christine and The Queens show

Image by Josh Braybrook.

A Christine and The Queens show is for absolutely everyone. This exact sentiment was reflected in the diverse, joyous crowd that turned out for the French pop superstar at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre.

Performing since 2012 with 2 albums and handful of EP’s under her belt, this round of shows in the country was her Australian debut. Tracks from her latest album Chris (released only a few months ago) shone live, delving into the idea of gender and masculinity. Or in her own words, “The same problems, just a different way to address them.”

Okenyo’s opening slot was everything you’d ask for an in a support act – dynamic, straight to the point and immensely enjoyable. Paired with a drummer and her own percussive elements, her live sound is driving. An undoubtedly powerful performer.

“There’s only one rule for tonight. This space is a safe one” is how Chris greeted a packed house following the g-funk delight ‘Girlfriend’. It’s so encouraging to see more and more musicians taking responsibility and setting a standard with their crowds. It’s a win-win situation for all: Feeling safe at a show elevates a good experience to a great experience.

A Christine and The Queens show encourages living as your best self. Her set sends a message of empowerment and self acceptance, supported by anecdotes of her own experiences. Before launching into breakout hit ‘Tilted’ Chris explained to the crowd that she “Always tried to fit in.” But after a while she stopped because “We all feel a bit tilted.”

An incredibly personable artist, everything Chris was genuine and spoken from the heart. It’s hard not to feel elevated when an artist is sharing their story so candidly.

Dance is a core part of the Christine and The Queens experience. A team of backup dancers flank Chris, enhancing her every move. At one point even sparking a dance breakdown to ‘Sicko Mode’. You can’t take your eyes off it, yet it never distracts from the experience. The perfect addition to an already uplifiting set.

Looking around the crowd all you’d see were beaming, glowing faces. Cheers were deafening and the encore shook the ground. Christine and The Queens is significant to so many, her flawless live show proving just that.

“I should FaceTime my Mum, she wouldn’t believe it.”

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