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Read on to have your burning questions answered.

what happens to my submission?

It gets sent to music editor, Rochelle. She listens to all new tracks, passes them around the team and decides if they will be:

  • Reviewed on the site (EP/LP only).
  • Added to our new music Spotify playlist. 
  • Featured in editorial/interview. 
  • Reviewed on triple j Unearthed. 

What do I need to keep in mind when submitting?

  • New music only please! Keep it fresh, keep it current. Keep it within the last couple of weeks. 
  • Send a stream. We don’t accept downloads, attachments or postal submissions.
  • We rarely do premieres. However, if you’ve got a good pitch we’re happy to hear it.  
  • We only accept submissions from Australian artists. 

Will I get a reply?

  • We’ll get in touch if we’ve got a feature lined up for you.
  • Depending on workload, you may/may not get a reply if you track is added to CBB Best.
  • Please don’t send follow up emails. This blog is a side-gig. Too many emails make us something, something.

Thanks for understanding! Now the housekeeping is done, please submit to your hearts content.


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