PREMIERE: Porpoise Spit – Outbacks and Oceans

It’s 2019 baby.

We should be able to love whoever, and however we want. That’s the exact message Melbourne rosé rockers Porpoise Spit are sending in their newest single ‘Outbacks and Oceans’.

An absolute belter about polyamorous love, co-front person Mill O’Sullivan vocals are unabashed and captivating. Elly Hewitt, Dom Buckham and Ivy Craw lend their expertise to the track, creating a bounding slice of garage punk laden with glorious hooks. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Melbourne crew who’ve made a name for themselves with powerful queer anthems.

Though jangly and upbeat in nature, the song lyrics touch on the stigma around polyamory. There’s plenty of lines that aptly showcase this, but the humility of “They say it’s pretty dumb, we reckon it’s pretty lovely,” certainly stands out.

Putting this song together was a real community affair, with the band’s dear pals Vince McIntyre (Fan Girl) and Tom Dowling (RAT!hammock) recording and mixing the track at newly established studio Taste Police H.Q. Sound extraordinaire Guy Felatou jumped on board to master.

Listen: Outbacks and Oceans.

Chuck it in your calendar:

March 15th at Melbourne’s favourite stomping ground, The Evelyn Hotel. Joining Porpoise Spit are local treasures Laura Imbruglia (with band), Jungle Cuffs and Jarrow (solo).

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