Songs That Are Good: First Time’s A Charm

Words by Ben Madden.

Melbourne band The Nicoteenagers have only been around for a short period of time, but the four-piece have already been getting people’s attention. Alt-rock is hard to get right, but it can be done very, very wrong – thankfully, on ‘First Time’s A Charm’, that’s not the case.  It’ll make you want to slick your hair back, chuck on some faux-leather and head out on the town – at least, that’s what I felt while listening to it.

They’re not exactly reinventing the wheel here, but I suspect they already know that. It’s a shame that pubs are shutdown at the moment (though they’ll be opening up soon), because this is exactly the type of track you’d hear at 11pm in a beer garden, or hearing the live sounds waft out of the bandroom, enticing you to come in – before you decide to spend $8 on basic spirits, which really, seems like a rip-off, except if you’ve been paying that all night. I really miss the pub, in case you couldn’t tell.

The bassline chugs along on ‘First Time’s A Charm’, and it’s rock-by-numbers, but definitely worth having a listen. All bands need to walk before they can run, and The Nicoteenagers have worked up a nice jog here. Comparisons to Queens Of The Stone Age are inevitable, but hey, as far as bands go, you could do a lot, lot worse.

Listen to First Time’s A Charm.