Songs That Are Good: On The Side

Words by Ben Madden.

Is haircare important? I suspect I’m about to find out, given I’ve given in and gotten an #isomullet. Clearly, not everyone has gone as mad as me in self-isolation, because HAIRCARE have managed to put out On The Side, a track that could be the main course, rather than a side dish.

There’s delicious drum fills, a scrumptious synth line, and the vocals are like a warm embrace. I’m willing to forgive the band name, given their musical output is already very, very polished. This is the type of track you’d be expecting to hear from a band a couple of significant releases into their career, rather than in their first handful of tracks released. 

The track’s crescendo towards the end is a great left turn, as well – going from polished to fuzzed out works in the band’s favour, and if anyone’s ears had momentarily shut down, it’s a jolt back to what’s going on. I can’t wait to see what the band does next – they’ve clearly got serious songwriting chops.

Listen to On The Side.