TRACKchanges: Georgia June

Music at its core is human connection; it’s intrinsically tied to emotions and experiences. Every song has a story, every lyric a section of an artist’s psyche. That’s exactly why we want to examine the impact of music on musicians themselves. Each week we’ll get an insight into a particular song or album that’s proven formative for an artist. 

Sydney’s Georgia June shares her story in this edition of TRACKchanges. With critics often comparing her music to ‘80s pop sensations like The Divinyls and Blondie, Georgia talks about the confidence and inspiration she garnered from one of her contemporaries;  Laura Jean

Devotion – Laura Jean

This is more of a recent love, but it has had such an impact on me during recording, I found it fitting to talk about. Laura Jean’s album Devotion was an accident. I was watching random YouTube videos when ‘Girls on the TV’ started playing automatically. I got so incredibly emotional that I started crying when I heard the lyric “One day we’d be beautiful, and maybe we can start a band”.  It has to be one of the most relatable phrases I’ve ever encountered, it made me want to try and make every song on our record make people feel that way. I then listened to her whole record front to back and it very quickly became heavy rotation in my library. She captures ‘80s pop synths, emotive melodies and the perfect blend of colloquial and universal language – thus, she’s perfect.

Laura Jean made me feel incredibly safe in all my insecurities whilst recording, the album calmed my nerves and reminded me of the emotions people should be able to pull from our songs. The last track on the record, ‘You Make Me Feel’ is another favourite, (they’re all favourites here, it’s way too hard to choose) the opening line, “you make me feel like, I can be myself, sometimes I miss being somebody else” stumped me as I immediately paralleled it with my relationship with my band, it’s weird being with four people constantly and knowing that they love you and accept you wholeheartedly. The exposure of it can be intimidating, especially when you have to lay out all these experiences and emotions to them, when my initial reaction to my occasional sombreness would be to paint a façade. Laura deals with the complexities of relationships with others and with oneself so openly on this record that its haunting. It has changed the way I write and think about music, undeniably become one of my favourite records.

Georgia June’s new single ‘Prove Myself’ is out now. You can catch her playing this Wednesday April 3rd at the Grace Darling.  

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