TRACKchanges: Neon Tetra

Music at its core is human connection; it’s intrinsically tied to emotions and experiences. Every song has a story, every lyric a section of an artist’s psyche. That’s exactly why we want to examine the impact of music on musicians themselves. Each week we’ll get an insight into a particular song or album that’s proven formative for an artist. 

Adelaide’s finest Neon Tetra lend their story in this edition of TRACKchanges. With their style a melting pot of soul, disco and indie the band pay homage to many artists. However, their newest track ‘Used To Be’ was coloured vividly by an experience seeing Pond live.

The Weather – Pond

Towards the end of 2017, we were busy putting the finishing touches on what would become our debut EP Pollen. Pollen was in equal parts, an elucidation of what we aspired to become as a band, and a homage to the artists and ideas that had inspired this journey. Focussing heavily on the Motown Sound, soul & disco we became obsessed with groove and melody during those sessions.

Almost as soon as the final mixes for Pollen had been sent off for mastering, Pond & their incredible The Weather tour came crashing through Adelaide. Their melodic bass riffs provided the foundational piece upon which this ecstatic psych-rock rumpus was built, and we were hooked.

Immediately, we wrote an almost entirely new set of live music, hoping to understand and harness the evocative energy Pond had been tapping into. Not everything we wrote from those sessions made it to the light of day, but ‘Used To Be’ was our most succinct and adulatory nod towards the inspiration we had been given.

While still feeling at its core a Neon Tetra song, ‘Used To Be’ is an expression of the joy and fun that rock music has brought to all of us. With nods to Queen, Van Halen and even Rick Springfield littered throughout, this was an extremely enjoyable bug to have to get out of our system.

Neon Tetra are taking new single ‘Used To Be’ on the road.

SATURDAY 30 MARCH | Rocket Bar & Rooftop | Adelaide, SA
FRIDAY 12 APRIL | Botany View Hotel | Sydney, NSW
SATURDAY 13 APRIL | Rad Bar | Wollongong, NSW
FRIDAY 19 APRIL | uneARTh Festival | Whyalla, SA
THURSDAY 25 APRIL | Bar Open | Melbourne, VIC

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