Vic Park: Left Hand Loves

Melbourne’s Vic Park already have a few accomplishments under their belts. Formerly known as JP Klipspringer, and fronted by long-time Melbourne musician Jack Poulson, they recently recorded a full-length album in Nashville, Tennessee, with Australian producer Josh Barber (Goyte, Gretta Ray).

They have just released their irreverent new single ‘I Could Really Use Your Love’. Although, despite the title, Jack still has plenty of love left to give to some of his heroes he shares a certain bodily attribute. Let him take you on a journey through his left-handed idols.

Left handers love other left handers. I’ve asked them. We’re all into each other. 

In the Melbourne music scene, I’m happy to say I share this highly desirable physical trait with Courtney Barnett, Alex Gow from Oh Mercy, and  Lachlan Rose from Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird. Only a left handed would think of a band name that awesome. 

Here’s a stupid article about some of my favourite lefties. I hope you learn something as I leftsplain this to you.

Eliot Eastern

The Cars are a criminally underrated rock band, and lefty lead guitarist Elliot Easton made them rock. Their influence is the very reason Fountains of Wayne’s song Stacy’s Mum exists, and I reckon that’s legacy enough. 

Easton’s solo in ‘Tonight She Comes’ is my second favourite guitar piece of all time, and favourite from any southpaw (Hendrix included). It’s an outrageous song that deserves a run on all dance floors. Check it out and lean into the ’80s cheese.

Adam Gilchrist

In an era dominated by dickheads, Adam Gilchrist was one of the greatest – and definitely the nicest – cricketer to feature in the golden years of the late ’90s and early 2000s. When he hit a ball, it stayed hit. And when he edged a ball that no one else noticed, he walked. What a champ.

Speaking of cricketers, another favourite lefty of mine is Bobby Quiney. Fave time Sheffield Shield winner, he opened the batting for Victoria alongside fellow southpaw Chris Rogers for a long time. Two of the best. 

Here’s Bobby making friends with a seagull during a game:

James Wade

I love the darts. I really, really the love darts. Playing it as awesome, obviously, cause you can drink while you do it. Watching top tier competitions is even better, cause you’re no longer endangering the safety of those around you while throwing a sharp object at a wall 2.3 metres away. I love the characters, the haircuts, the referees, the walk-on music, and the 12,000 seat Premier League stadiums. It’s all amazing. But my favourite darts player is probably the least remarkable or eccentric character of them all. 

Known as ‘The Machine’, James Wade throws a beautiful left-handed arrow. Just watch how he shifts the barrel in exactly the same way before each throw. Watch those flights twirl in a seductive dance each and every visit to the oche. Only a lefty can make a shaft talk like that. 

He mightn’t hit as many 180s as some of the other top players, but if a criminal held a gun to your head and asked you to pick someone to nail a 131 check-out in front of a packed house at Ally Pally to avoid copping one to the temple, you’d definitely give Wadey a call.

Below is a video of James Wade and Rob Thornton both nailing 9 darters in the same match. Absurd.

And here’s a compilation of all 9 darters scored against Wade that’s also fairly entertaining.

Tina Fey & Jason Bateman

From 2008 to 2014, I basically couldn’t get to sleep without watching an episode or two of 30 Rock or Arrested Development. Didn’t matter my mood or situation – I’d generally find a way to get under a doona and search for familiar laughs. True stoner behaviour from someone much more prone to alcohol abuse.

This sitcom addiction involved carting multiple DVDs to friend’s houses. Super cool stuff.

Alan Didak, Ben Johnson and Dane Swan

This premiership winning trio of Collingwood heroes (thinking about football only, here) brought a lot of joy to a lot of people’s lives (again – mainly focussing on footy at this point). Dids kicked miracle goals for fun, Johnno would nail thrm from outside 50 when the team needed it most, and Dane was a left-hander but a right footer. That counts, yeah?

Here are some highlights from the 2010 preliminary final to keep you going for the day. This is the greatest video on Youtube and that’s the end of the discussion. It’s also the end of this article. Peace. Xo 

You can catch Vic Park playing in support of their new single ‘I Could Really Use Your Love‘ at one (or both) of these shows:

  • Sunday May 19th, Lulie Street (full band acoustic show)

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