Violent Soho at The Hi-Fi (Brisbane)

The Hi-Fi was lit up and fans treated to an incredible night of amazing music on Saturday 12th July with all bands playing showing remarkable attitude and beautiful passion. The wait had begun and the crowd starting to fill in as the excitement became almost too much to handle. Right from the start, that excitement was matched with everything a music lover can ask for from a show.

First up to play were local act The Fevered and they didn’t disappoint one little bit. When you are a local support act there is always little things separating you from just being good and being great. One of those things is passion – how much a band actually looks like they are enjoying playing for you. And these guys definitely showed how much they love playing music, with wonderful energy right from the start as they connected with the crowd throughout their entire set which lasted about 30 minutes. People were still arriving as The Fevered played, and half way through the set one look back from the front barrier could see that more people were coming closer and getting involved, moving with the band. If they continue to show such passion and love for their music and especially for their performances, these blokes have a very exciting and successful future to come as a band. A very good band to start a show, get the crowd involved when the lead singer of the next band to come on can be seen jamming to your set off to the side of the stage, you know it’s a good sign – even more so when that lead singer is Will Wagner. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more by The Fevered.

Next up we had Melbourne favourites The Smith Street Band who were for absolutely on fire last time they were in Brisbane which surely had expectations very high. Not even an ill Will Wagner who informed us in his own true laid back style that he had been sick the last two shows, bringing a bucket on stage could bring a downfall to this performance. If you’ve never seen The Smith Street Band, it is definitely something that should be going straight onto your list as they seem as if they are just improving more and more with each show. The amount of guts and spirit that they throw into what they do is truly amazing, something that you only see from the best.

A 9 song set that was highlighted by the usual favourites ‘Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams’  and of course the ever wonderful ‘Young Drunk’ along with new track ‘Surrender’ which would make everybody extremely excited for new music that fans were informed is coming very soon – time to get ready for it. The crowd were amazing for this show, shouting back every single one of their favourite lyrics back all night as the show went on. Looking around and seeing the smiles on faces in the crowd accompanied by the smiles on all of the band members done great to show just how beautiful music can be for everyone. The crowd gave The Smith Street Band such a brilliant reception as they finished up, as they squished in even further in anticipation for what would be a perfect end to the night.

It was a long wait in between, with a memorable moment happening with the crowd singing along to RATM classic ‘Killing In The Name’ getting even more excited for the upcoming set. Finally on came home town favourites Violent Soho opening with ‘Dope Calypso’ which got the crowd so loud and got the adrenaline going. With crowd surfing, screaming and just some amazing scenes occurring at The Hi-Fi we were taking on an incredible journey with ‘Fur Eyes’ and ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ one after the other which had the crowd at it’s loudest up until that point. The set only got better and better and what better way could they bring it home than with favourite ‘Covered In Chrome’ which brought the roof down as it would always do so. You always knew that being in their home town, an amazing crowd packed in and two great sets by support acts that Violent Soho were going to throw an unforgettable show and they done that plus more. As they made their way off stage, without a doubt in the world not a single person even thought about walking out right away as chants of “one more song” rang loudly around the venue with the band members slowly one by one all appearing back on stage for an also fantastic encore.

Violent Soho have been making all of us here in Brisbane proud for some time now as they continue to do after this amazing night. Making terrific music and putting on insane shows. If you are to take one thing out of this review, be it that making the decision to see Violent Soho at least once in your life could never be seen as a mistake. They put their absolute more into their performance and not many bands out there are able to connect to a crowd and get involved with the crowd quite in as good a way that was seen by Violent Soho at this show. Never doubt what this band can do, never doubt what The Smith Street Band can do or what The Fevered can achieve if they stay committed. This was one of the best shows to be at, with fans leaving absolutely satisfied and happy with what they saw. Well and truly worth it to see a show like this.

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