The Wombats at Hordern Pavilion (Sydney)

If I wasn’t a fan of The Wombats before, I am now. Among all the glitterbugs who filled out Hordern Pavilion on Monday night, I was not really what you would call a fan – I couldn’t name very many of The Wombats’ songs but I was certain that they would sit in a very long list titled “Bands I Like”.

But I was so, so wrong…

The Wombats are not a band I like – they are now a band I love.

Pop rockers Circa Waves took to the stage as the standing crowd grew bigger and bigger until the venue filled up. They played their solid hits in a short half-hour set, which wasn’t enough because they were duly fantastic, but enough to get everyone warmed up. They finished with their extremely catchy tune ‘T-shirt Weather’ (my personal favourite – I also heard a handful of girls behind me shout, “I love this song!” so it appears I’m not alone).

It was a full house by the time The Wombats hit the stage, and screaming young fans welcomed the trio. The band played a handful of hits from their latest album Glitterbug, starting with ‘Your Body is a Weapon’. The stage lights were programmed to convey the same electric energy of the music. Not one of my favourites, but ‘Jump Into The Fog’ was up next – and I was so dazzled by the lights that I didn’t feel like I appreciated the music until the band introduced ‘Be Your Shadow’.

‘Headspace’ was temporarily postponed due to technical difficulties, singer Matthew Murphy making a joke about new technology doing a lot for musicians at live shows. The band played another song to fill up the gap before returning to the track, which was warmly welcomed.

‘Techno fan’ made its way onto the setlist, I believe that this point was really the core of the whole show. I watched from the seats at the side and the incredible sea of bopping heads amazed me. There was a lot of energy even as the band played an old and more ballad-like hit, ‘Little Miss Pipedream’. Following that, a girl behind me shrieked her love for The Wombats’ next song, ‘Give Me A Try’ – a newer one from Glitterbug.

The Wombats were incredible, and as I danced, or even as I stood still, their music pumped wonderfully through my veins and put a smile on my face. Although I wasn’t in the sea of bopping heads, I was still very pleased with what I heard and seen that night.

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